ZEN by Deezer

— Branding, Art Direction, UI
— 2023

The ZEN Rebranding and Art Direction project is a dynamic collaboration that revitalizes Deezer's wellness app, ZEN. Developed by the esteemed music streaming platform, this initiative is dedicated to redefining the app's identity with a design approach that exudes sleek modernity, a hint of romance, and unwavering user-centricity and approachability. The design palette, primarily composed of black and white, symbolizes simplicity and equilibrium, complemented by skin tones that infuse warmth and humanity. The core objective is to seamlessly intertwine the realms of music and mindfulness within a welcoming interface, fostering a harmonious union of technology, well-being, and human emotions.

Central to this project, the art direction extends to a new UI design and marketing materials, infusing them with a fresh and modern aesthetic. The enhanced UI design breathes new life into ZEN, providing a sleek and sophisticated platform for users to explore. Concurrently, marketing materials are imbued with the same revitalized spirit, ensuring that ZEN's redefined image resonates not only within the app but also across its promotional channels. With a relentless focus on user-centric design, this rebranding endeavor seeks to elevate the user experience, ensuring smooth navigation and enhanced engagement, while projecting a contemporary, romantic, and profoundly human space for users to immerse themselves in.

Branding, Logo Design, Art Direction, UI.

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