— Art Direction, UI, Ecommerce
— 2022

The objective of Jägermeister’s website was to integrate the whole brand experience with the ecommerce platform, having a more intuitive, accesible and fresh journey.

A sleek, modern aesthetic evoking the excitement and energy of the nightlife scene. The design is bold and aggressive with a color palette of black, deep green, orange, and gold along with the brand sharp, sans-serif typography to emphasize the bold flavor of the brand. High-contrast images and graphics would highlight the social aspect of Jägermeister, showcasing it as a key ingredient in nightlife events and gatherings.

The journey starts with an immersive homepage navigation where users are driven into a nightclub being invited to experience the best night of their lives. The navigation is more user-friendly, making it easy for visitors to access information about the brand's history, marketing campaigns, cocktail recipes, Jagermeister’s Club and shop. The design exudes confidence and mystique, capturing the essence of Jägermeister and the thrill of the nightlife experience.

This work was crafted with love in a commisioned project with AKQA Berlin.

Art direction, UI, Ecommerce .

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Aesthetic functionality
An harmonious combination of visual design and user experience approach that prioritizes both the aesthetic appeal of the site and its functional performance.

The design elements and layout were carefully selected to complement each other and serve a practical purpose. The result is an experience that not only looks good but also provides a seamless and enjoyable user journey.

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Crafted with love in Barcelona 💙