— Art Direction, UI, Brand Guidelines
— 02.2022

Each person is a brand, unique and particular, so this tool helps Siemens employees to build their own personal brand within the company. An intuitive, clear and easy experience to help them create it in a simple and friendly way.

Alongside with the brand builder I participated designing an internal learning Hub of Siemens with over 70 channels and it’s internal marketing campaign, including definition of guidelines, communication campaign and branding pieces.

This project was crafted with love during my time at R/GA Berlin. This project was awarded with two Red Dot Design Awards.

Art direction, Team leading, UI design

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Making fun the boring 
Forms are boring, complicated and heavy, so with a very intuitive design we facilitate the access to information, humanizing the experience and making your brand something fun.

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  Growing is for everyone 
Growing and learning should be accessible to anyone in a company, regardless the position or seniority in it. We helped in the building of the branding for the internal marketing campaign and the identity for each learning channel within the Hub where all the employees of Siemens around the world can access and grow their skills. 

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Crafted with love in Barcelona 💙