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— 2022

Par-dos is an Interior Design Studio based in Medellín - Colombia. The strategic concept used for this brand is DUALITY. This concept is important because it is part of the brand's core, representing the contrast between old and new, empty and full, to-be-done and done, inert and alive. The transformation and second chances speak of a before and after, which precisely represents par-dos.

Par-dos is a brand of contrasts - on one hand, it values aesthetics and intangibles, is less structured, and has room for growth. This represents the "before". On the other hand, the "after" represents the final touch that design gives to objects and spaces. Between the before and after lies a timeline where all the magic happens. This timeline is the line that separates nothing from everything, and it is why it is materialized.

The functional aspect of "par-dos" also evokes the uniqueness of its identity and extends beyond furniture and space design. Just as a writer, painter, or composer puts their unique style into their creations, "par-dos" does the same with its designs, creating unique works with a special seal.

That's why par-dos are not just interior design, par-dos are the Author of Spaces.

Branding, Logo Design, Art Direction.

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