Naila Tahbaub

— Art Direction, Brand Guidelines, UX/UI
— 2021

Naila Tahbaub is a Brand and Communication strategist for gastro entrepeneurs who want to make a difference through gastronomy.

This differentiation is also reflected in her brand. Modern, minimalistic and clean, the brand highlights her unique style, making it appealing to her niche audience, and creating a unique and memorable brand identity.  The use of a rich color palette, using a combination of both serif and sans-serif typeface creates a sense of elegance and tradition, with a fesh twist.

The brand guidelines are optimized for flexibility, making it easy to adapt to different formats and channels, ensuring consistency across all materials and platforms. The key guidelines are comprehensive and easy to follow, ensuring that the brand is consistently represented. The overall design is elegant, sophisticated and impactful, evokes a sense of creativity, energy, and expertise in gastronomy and brand strategy.

Brand Guidelines, art direction, UX/UI, graphic design.

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All eggs in the same basket
Also, the brand needed to communicate powerfully the value she adds to her clients with a very visually appealing landing page.

She wanted to use the egg as an asset for the visual language as it is one of the key ingredients in lot’s of recipes due to it’s versatility.

This versatility is also reflected in the visual language and the websirte design, which is flexible enough to allow different formats in any device, delivering the information clearly and using hierarchy and text styles as assets of the brand.

As it’s more an editorial page, the site features simple and clean interactions to deliver the information and making the experience fluid to communicate the Naila's expertise and credibility in gastronomic brand strategy, while also providing an intuitive user experience.

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Crafted with love in Barcelona 💙