OMO Classrooms 

— Print Campaign
— 07.2013
This was a print campaign for OMO during my time at Mullen Lowe SSP3. Each print presents a scene where classroom seats are shown in an outdoor landscape, demonstrating that being outside, they can learn a lot, based on the brand slogan Dirt is good.

This campaign was recognized in several creativity festivals around the world and featured in specialized media blogs and magazines.

Art direction, Advertising.

— 01

— 02

A memorable campaign, developed thanks to a great team!

Creative Director
Carlos Camacho
Jaime Duque

Carlos Camacho

Design & Art Direction
Sebastián Peláez
Andrés Lancheros
Andres Mauricio Carvajal

CGI & Retouch
Liberum Donum

Crafted with love in Barcelona 💙