Sura Mother’s Day

— Digital Campaign
— 05.2015

During my time at Melborp, I had the opportunity to develop a campaign for Sura, one of the biggest insurance companies in Colombia. This campaign aimed to touch the heart of the people with a very emotional approach. With hidden cameras, different mothers were supposed to go to a medical check, without knowing that a big surprise was waiting for them.

This video was launched in a microsite using face recognition technology to capture the heart rate of the users, where, in the end, we demonstrated how the action moved their heart and inviting them to move their mom’s heart as well.

Creative & Art direction, Digital, IT.

— 02

This campaign was possible thanks to this talented team!

Creative Directors
Sebastián Peláez
Camilo Mejía

Camilo Mejía
Leonardo Sánchez

Design & Art Direction
Sebastián Peláez
Jorge Castaño

Juan Manuel Osorio

Crafted with love in Barcelona 💙