A Bombing Legacy

— Conceptualization / UX/UI
— 09.2019

A digital experience for UNOCHA the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, to generate awareness about the use of explosive weapons in populated areas and how this is huge problem that affects millions of people around the world causing destruction, massive migrations and death. And how better than taking this reality to the users context.

Concept, Art direction, UX/UI design.

— 01

Real data taken to the users context
First, users will be aware about this reality through real stories and data about how this kind of attacks are harming lots of people in different countries in crisis. In a second instance, identifying their location, users will have the opportunity to expierence in first person, all the damage and harm these attacks will  cause if they were in their own city.

— 02

— 03

Crafted with love in Barcelona 💙